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Butt Ends for Senior and Junior Sticks

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Venatic is an exciting new brand for composite hockey sticks. In our online shop we offer composite hockey sticks for all ages and levels of play. Pee wees, junior, recreational and ambitious senior players – we have put together a wide selection of full carbon hockey sticks.
Our experienced staff has put great focus on offering you a variety of hockey sticks that cover the most popular curves and flexes, so you are able to find the perfect stick for yourself. Our online shop offers you reasonably priced composite hockey sticks with trendy and yet subtly cool design. Our high quality products are not meant to revolutionize the market, but should offer you an option which makes first class composite hockey sticks affordable for everybody.
Hand in hand, the NN series and the Impulse Pro series represent the current hockey stick trends. The commonly popular full carbon One-Piece models of the NN series as well as the high-end composite sticks of the Impulse Pro Series cover the whole spectrum and have been chosen to fit into everyone’s budget. Whether you are looking for conventional composite sticks or the state-of-the-art True-One-Piece-Stick: take your time and surf comfortably through our online shop.
Besides detailed information about our products, our shop certainly offers you the possibilities to purchase the product of your choice and to contact us. No matter whether you are a player or a business customer. Next to our two series of composite hockey sticks, our shop contains a selection of tasteful and practical apparel that every hockey player enjoys and also makes a statement for our great sport. Hoodies, T-shirts, shorts or caps, hockey players are rarely seen without one of these accessories.
We have put a lot of effort into creating this online shop for you as convenient as possible to offer you an uncomplicated and enjoyable shopping experience. Our free-of-charge shipment within Germany, combined with our regularly changing special offers, is just one further advantage of
Team prices and individual discount inquiries for teams and organisations can be directly placed with us and we will try to provide you with an appropriate pricing quote.
Our fantastic team consisting of long-time professional hockey players, consultants, designers, webmasters, graphic artists, photographers and many more have done everything imaginable to present you the best composite hockey sticks, the most comfortable apparel and the most convenient online shop possible for you to enjoy spending time on our website..

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